Welcome to Cirrus Hill Farm Heritage Poultry, Meaford Ontario
Specializing in Rare, Heritage and Ancient Utility Poultry Breeds of exceptional culinary and historic importance, we can provide:
    • Beltsville Small White Turkeys
    • Saxony Heavy Ducks
    • Khaki Campbell and Welsh Harlequin Light Layer Ducks,
    • Buff Orpington and Ancona Dual-Purpose Ducks
    • Ancient Roman Geese
    • Standard White Chantecler Chickens
    • New in 2014:
    • Heavy French Guinea Fowl (from Quebec, for grow-out only)

We will sell hatchlings, started birds, breeding and occasional APA quality show stock for pick-up at the farm. Fertile eggs for hatching can be shipped by courier within Canada. Exports of pedigreed Beltsville Small White turkey breeding stock can be arranged to the USA in the Fall.

The "NEWS" page will be kept up to date with planned hatch dates, prices and availability.

Cirrus Hill Farm's heritage Beltsville Small White turkeys, gorgeous, heavy Saxony ducks, incredibly productive light and medium weight laying and dual-purpose duck breeds, gentle little Ancient Roman, and "All-Canadian" (Quebecois to be more accurate) dual-purpose White Chantecler chickens are ideal choices for the sustainable small family farm. Their gentle temperments make them especially happy choices for the family with small children. Easily raised, these productive and handsome birds all thrive in natural, grass pasture based systems, and produce gourmet quality table birds, and delicious fresh table eggs, while gobbling up pests and weeds.

If you are an aspiring locavore, trying to "slow down" your food, want to know that your food lived a pleasant, drug and pesticide free, natural life at liberty, or just have a sense of cullinary adventure, you will love our carefully finished market birds, and duck and turkey eggs. (Chicken eggs only at the farm, of course)

Raised to exceed the "Label Rouge" standards, and available frozen, in limited quantities,geese and ducks will appear seasonally at local food outlets . Holiday turkeys and Yuletide geese may be reserved at the Market, Meaford, the 100 Mile Store in Creemore and the Local Foods Mart in Barrie. Delicious fresh duck and turkey eggs are increasingly popular, always at the farm for neighbours along with chicken eggs (e-mail for location) and duck and turkey eggs also appear at the markets as seasonal production permits.

If you would like to participate in the growing movement to help rare breeds of exceptional merit survive for a secure future food supply, you too can become a conservation breeder of one or more of these exceptional breeds with lively hatchlings from our large breeding flocks, and lots of advice, if you are new to raising poultry. Our goal is to see a large, viable local resource flock for each breed, in every county in Canada! Not too ambitious?

If you are a homesteader, I recommend these breeds among surviving heritage and rare breeds for their low input management, combining efficiency of growth with vigour, fertility and disease resistance. Beautiful, friendly and companionable, our chosen breeds are a pleasure to have on the farm.